Tarmac Security & Supervision

Tarmac Security & Supervision

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Masterpiece Security Group (“MSG”) is a licensed security company offering a full suite of security and supervision services designed for high-value, sensitive, and mission-critical supply chains.

Our Security Supervision Services

Cargo Handling: Less than 2-hour cargo handling, special palletizing, and expedited transfer of precious cargo to ensure security of the shipment.

Security: Follow cars & stationary guard services, armed or unarmed, for freight, warehouses, trucks, or events.

Supervision: Supervision of all handling, palletizing, transfer, aircraft loading, and expedited offloading at all major U.S. ports.

Routing: Expert security routing for the safest and most expedient movement of shipments around the globe.

Escort: Capability to escort on the tarmac and into warehouses.

Courier Assistance: Courier and hand-carry assistance from gate, through U.S. Customs.

How We Do It

MSG offers peace of mind through stationary and mobile security, expedited cargo handling and supervision, cargo escorts, and secure routing made possible by the group’s licensed staff and fleet of tarmac vehicles.

Security Flyer

Masterpiece Security Group (“MSG”) provides a full suite of security and supervision services designed for the high-value, sensitive, and missioncritical shipments.


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Our Features & Associations

Licensed Security Officers

MSG Tarmac Vehicles: with access to terminals and cargo areas in major airports.

Transparency: Real-time communication.

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