Update: EU Lock-down Status

May 7, 2020

Air Freight Update

  • Demand for air freight ex-Europe is inconsistent, fluctuating on a week-by-week basis.
  • Capacity remains tight as travel restrictions into and out of the U.S. continue to impact passenger belly capacity.
  • With the restricted capacity, rates continue to be elevated. While some passenger carriers are adding a few “cargo-only charters,” we don’t expect the capacity situation to improve until passengers resume flying.
  • Some countries are slowly starting to loosen the regulations for shipper production, bringing light to the horizon for airlines and forwarders.

Ocean Freight Update

  • TA Westbound: Volumes have been decreasing in this lane, with some carriers confirming blank sailings to protect current rate levels. Overall steady to slight decrease in rates due to bunker development. Space is manageable, early booking recommended (i.e. 10 days in advance)
  • TA Eastbound: Rates remain stable, but capacity will be reduced in the month of May, with 10 blank sailings from the USEC to EU. NC and 5 blank sailings to the Med. No change from USWC. The 2M TA4/NEUATL4 service will have 3 blank sailings in the month of May all through week 25. Space will be manageable, but bookings recommended 2 weeks in advance.
  • MED Westbound: April rates are extended till end of May.
  • MED Eastbound: Rate increases as a result of empty equipment shortage.

EU Lock-down Status by Country

  • Austria – Lockdown expired. No non-EU pax (exc. GB, IS, LI, NO, CH) allowed from outside Schengen area. Quarantine for all arrivals. Many smaller airports still closed.
  • Belgium – Three-phase deconfinement with progressive re-opening of non-essential shops and schools. VFR flights prohibited. Borders closed with exceptions. Brussels airport operates cargo and essential flights only. Liege apt chosen by WHO as European hub for medical supplies transportation.
  • Czech Republic – Borders closed. Lockdown extended. International flights into Prague. State of emergency extended. Five-stage plan to reopen.
  • Denmark – Closed borders except DK citizens (with exceptions), and connecting pax. Partial re-opening of some small businesses. Limited availability at EKCH (with exceptions)
  • Finland – Lockdown until May 11th. Borders closed. No foreign pax. Orly airport closed as well as other airports. Suspension of some aviation taxes.
  • France – Lockdown until 11 May. Borders closed. No foreign pax, as EU27 + MC. Orly airport closed on 31/3 as well as other airports. Suspends some aviation taxes (2/4). Long-distance travel remains discouraged after 11/5.
  • Germany – Social distancing. Border closure, 14-day quarantine on arrivals (with exceptions). Measures extended to May 15th. Restricted VFR at major airports. Small shops to resume from 20/4. Will extend worldwide travel warning to June 14th.
  • Ireland – Lockdown extended until May 5th. Self-quarantine on all arrivals. Service restrictions at 6 airports.
  • Italy – National lockdown until May 3rd, then travel allowed only within the region, re-opening of factories. More than 60 airports closed.
  • Netherlands – “Intelligent” lockdown. No pax flights from AT, ES, IT, China, Iran, South Korea (with exemptions).
  • Spain – Lockdown until May 9th. Cautious and progressive de-confinement measures. No flights to Balearics and Canaries (except medical, all-cargo). PSO flights cut by 70%. No direct flights from IT.
  • Switzerland – Partial lifting of lockdown. No pax flights from IT, DE, FR, AT, ES and non-Schengen countries. Bans entry of foreign nationals Lugano airport operator goes into liquidation and commercial traffic terminated.
  • United Kingdom – National lockdown easing.

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