Masterpiece International launches new innovative platform artWISE, responding to market needs for real-time shipment updates

June 1, 2021

(New York, NY) – Masterpiece International revealed their new fine art logistics platform, artWISE. This secure platform sits on top of Masterpiece’s database and offers clients a shared project management platform with accurate, continuous monitoring supported by analysis, delivered to a dynamic dashboard, providing the client with peace of mind and real-time visibility.

The artWISE solution was developed with expert field trials and feedback from the fine art community. The Masterpiece team worked to solve the unique challenges associated with transporting sensitive artwork across the globe. “The pandemic really brought to the forefront the need to provide our clients with solutions to the challenge of working remotely and managing in real-time a complicated and sensitive supply chain that is inherent with the high-level fine art service we provide,” said John O’Halloran, Masterpiece’s President of the Fine Arts and Security Group. “It’s a natural progression into a technology that will allow us to enhance the expertise our staff and partners provide, with unparalleled visibility and effectiveness through a secure shared work platform,” he added.

In an industry that is increasingly more dependent on technology, this innovative software is a critical tool. Stakeholders can monitor shipments from anywhere, with access to all critical information that has been shared securely with the need-to-know parties.

“Before artWISE, shipment building and tracking was a heavily manual process reliant on email and stagnate documentation. This platform provides a window into your Masterpiece shipments as they unfold, allowing clients to work even closer with our staff and receive immediate updates as they occur,” said O’Halloran. “The complete security of the artwork, combined with an exceptional user experience was our aim.”

User-friendly, with dynamic design, a collaborative interface, and live data, artWISE can be used on any tablet, smartphone, or computer. Customizable shipment checkpoints can be completed by your institution, Masterpiece representatives, and shipping partners along the path of the shipment. The updates are saved in the portal as a shipment log and automatically emailed out to everyone involved.

artWISE enhances Masterpiece’s established services by responding to the needs in our field and we look forward to what this product brings to advancing the future of secure artwork shipping.

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