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Masterpiece International has earned a reputation among trade show organizers and exhibitors worldwide for its reliability, expertise, and professionalism. Our dedicated staff understand the urgent nature of trade show freight and provide detailed information in a timely manner when shipping your goods internationally.

Our Trade Show Services

Experienced Trade Show Managers: Consultation, coordination, & on-site supervision

Door-to-Door Transportation: International air & sea freight forwarding, with expedited import and/or export at ports

30+ Licensed Customs Brokers in major port areas handle all documentation, including ATA Carnet, CITES, and Fish & Wildlife prep and clearance

Storage & Warehousing: Short & long-term, packing & crating


Worldwide Consolidation Services

On-site drayage

Hazardous Materials Certified: Handling, packing, and documentation

How We Do It

Masterpiece’s offices, in conjunction with our worldwide network of agents, provide truly global coverage, streamlined customs clearances, and hands-on delivery services to the show sites. When choosing Masterpiece for your Trade Show needs, you will receive the same premier level of service that we give to our other divisions. Our friendly, dedicated staff is committed to providing your organization with information in quickest and most detailed manner.

Trade Show Flyer

Our unprecedented expertise and reliability has built a reputation amongst organizers, exhibitors, and industry partners worldwide – and our worldwide network of agents, in conjunction with our 16 domestic offices, provides a comprehensive door-to-booth service. DOWNLOAD FLYER

We appreciate the opportunity to quote your next shipment, or please contact us at 310.321.1050.


Our Features & Associations

Other industries we've Mastered

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