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Masterpiece’s Gallery Services Division specializes in serving the specific needs of galleries of all sizes. We can arrange for all types of shipments at all service levels; our experienced staff and broad international network of packers, truckers, and overseas agents allows us to offer a wide range of services at extremely competitive prices.

Our Gallery Services

International Air & Sea Freight Forwarding

Customs Brokerage & Documentation: 30+ Licensed Customs Brokers in major port areas handle all documentation

Expedited Import and/or Export at Air & Sea Ports

Packing & Crating

Installation & De-installation

Domestic Transportation: Air Forwarding, Long-Haul & Local Trucking


Consultation & Coordination


TURTLE® brings the standard of fine art packaging to its highest level. Since 1994 TURTLE® has been used by museums across the globe for the safe transportation of valuable artworks.

Masterpiece Security Group logo
Masterpiece Security Group

Masterpiece Security Group offers full security & supervision services at airports, including armed or unarmed escorts, and its own tarmac vehicles with access to terminals and cargo areas.

How We Do It

Our dedicated Gallery Services staff has been working with galleries worldwide for over 20 years – with that experience comes an understanding of the specific quality and price needs of the gallery client. Through Masterpiece’s large network of vendors and agents worldwide, we expertly arrange transport for any type of object – from large, complicated moves to the simplest of shipments –to its destination in the safest and most cost effective manner.

We appreciate the opportunity to quote your next gallery shipment.


Our Security & Supervision Services

Other Fine Art Specialties We've Mastered

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