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Masterpiece’s Entertainment Division understands the complicated logistics of the industry – seemingly impossible deadlines, unconventional expedited routings, and show personnel that must be on hand. Masterpiece has the depth of resources to assist you in making sure everything comes together in time, every time.

Our Entertainment Services

International Air & Sea Freight Forwarding: Expedited Import and/or Export at Air & Sea Ports

Customs Brokerage & Documentation: 30+ Licensed Customs Brokers handle all documentation, including ATA Carnet

Domestic Transportation: Air Forwarding, Long-Haul & Local Trucking – extensive network of truckers for touring and ground transport

Sensitive Shipments: Custom packing, temperature controlled trucking, Dangerous Good Certified, extensive knowledge of Lithium batteries

Storage & Warehousing: Packing & Crating

Consultation & Coordination: For special moves or remote locations


Courier Services

How We Do It

Masterpiece Entertainment focuses in logistics for all aspects of performing arts, television and film productions, interactive art installations, festivals, and more. Our team specializes in transporting to remote locations; which is made possible through our network of agents and partners around the globe. We have access to restricted areas in all major international airports to oversee freight handling to make sure your precious cargo is safe at all times.

Entertainment Flyer

We understand that the requirements of the entertainment industry are very unique: complex logistics and uncompromising deadlines, and Masterpiece has the depth of resources to successfully coordinate these types of shipments. DOWNLOAD FLYER

We appreciate the opportunity to quote your next production.


Our Associations

Masterpiece International is a proud member of:

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Other Fine Art Specialties We've Mastered

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