18 Apr 18

TrumpCard Enters Austin, TX

CARLSBAD, Calif., Nov. 13, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- TrumpCard, the Air Freight and Expedited Ground wing of Magnate Worldwide, continues to expand its geographic footprint as the mission-critical air and ground freight provider enters the Austin, Texas region.

Ashley Whitehead and Carlos Mero

With more locations, comes the placement of dedicated account representatives and trucks at each station. The Austin market will be seeing Ashley Whitehead, Account Representative – a dedicated and knowledgeable delegate from the area. Ashley will be a lifeline to client's expedited freight needs, whether it be 'Next Flight Out', '2 Day', or 'Mission-Critical Ground' service out of the Austin region.

In addition to feet on the ground, TrumpCard will be putting wheels in the region with a brand new 2018 Freightliner, Trump 51. Carlos Mero will be the pilot of the new truck, which will be the start of a private fleet dedicated to the Austin area – and a great addition to the 45 trucks picking up and delivering all around Texas.

The expansion continues a trend of consistent geographical growth at TrumpCard. After entering Cleveland, Dallas, and Salt Lake City just six months ago, TrumpCard is poised and well suited to continue entering markets across the United States. "Our team is excited to grow organically in strong manufacturing and economic hub areas like Austin. We now have people and trucks on the ground in 11 major markets, that's just getting started… the sky is the limit," said CEO of TrumpCard, Marco Hanlon of the expansion.

One of Trump Card’s more established markets, San Francisco, is seeing its 5th truck in the company's private fleet. "San Francisco has remained robust in all markets segments, and shows strong signs of continued growth throughout," commented Chris Zingrebe, Vice President of Operations. At this pace, it's only a matter of time until TrumpCard has representatives and trucks on the ground in an area near you.

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