18 Apr 18

Thomas Gilgen Takes New Position as President of Masterpiece International, Ltd.

Magnate Worldwide (MWW), a premium asset‐light logistics company, is excited to announce Thomas Gilgen as President of newly‐acquired Masterpiece International, Ltd.

Thomas Gilgen, President of Masterpiece International, Ltd. (PRNewsfoto/Magnate Worldwide)

Gilgen's experience in logistics management spans over 20 years at companies like Weiss‐Rohlig USA, Coca‐Cola Switzerland, and Panalpina. Gilgen most recently was President of MWW, and the move will take him from Chicago to Masterpiece's headquarters in New York.

Known globally for its high‐end shipping services, Masterpiece consists of a fine arts division and freight services division. "Our goal is to make Masterpiece's international logistics services best‐in‐class," said Dan Para, CEO of MWW. "I feel comfortable and confident that we'll see significant growth in this area under Thomas Gilgen's leadership."

As part of Gilgen's impressive goals for Masterpiece's international logistics services, there will be much focus placed on the overall growth of its 15 different branches. "We're really going to invest in building the sales and management teams," said Gilgen. "By setting them up for success, the end result will be an elevated division of international logistics services." Additionally, Masterpiece's fine arts services will benefit from the internal promotion of John O'Halloran to President of its division.

As Gilgen prepares for his new position, he reflects that this isn't his first time in a role like this. "Throughout my years in this industry, I think one of the best experiences I can apply is my approach to restructuring for success," noted Gilgen. "This is an exciting opportunity for me to work with Masterpiece and continue a professional passion that drives me: building up."

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