15 May 17

Somerset Marine Becomes a Masterpiece

As part of the rapid growth in Magnate Worldwide's portfolio of companies, international freight shipping group Somerset Marine Lines (SML) is to become a branch of newly acquired Masterpiece International, Ltd.

"This is really the coming together of two fantastic companies," said Thomas Gilgen, President of parent company Magnate Worldwide. Masterpiece is recognized across the globe for its high‐end shipping services and is made up of two divisions—fine arts and freight services. "Somerset will come in as part of the freight services division, and will greatly benefit from Masterpiece's vendor relationships, organization size, and nationwide footprint. Together, both groups will have access to every major port and U.S. airport."

Both Masterpiece and Somerset were purchased within the past two years by Magnate Worldwide, who immediately saw the unique opportunity to connect these two groups. "My goal for Somerset was always to be a part of a greater organization," said Abed Medawar, President of SML. "Ultimately, it's about bringing the best services to our customers."

Masterpiece is Magnate Worldwide's most recent addition, but is already climbing to new heights with Somerset onboard as its New Jersey branch. "New offices mean new growth," said Gilgen. "We're combining powers to create a logistics work of art."

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