18 Apr 18

Magnate Capital Partners and CIVC Partners Announce Formation of Magnate Worldwide

Magnate Capital Partners (“MCP”) and CIVC Partners L.P. (“CIVC”) are pleased to announce the formation of Magnate Worldwide (“MWW”). The new entity has been established as a holding company to pursue acquisitions in the transportation and logistics industry.  Both CIVC and the partners of MCP will contribute the capital necessary to build a premier asset-light transportation and logistics company focused on the international freight forwarding and North American expedited transportation markets.

In addition to providing capital support, three partners of MCP will be joining MWW in senior management positions.  Dan Para and Mike Welch, who have each built successful logistics and transportation companies, will be the Chief Executive Officer and President, respectively. Frank Shinnick will be Chief Financial Officer.  “As we enter the next phase of our careers, we knew that forming an allegiance with the right financial partner would be crucial to our continued success.  We believe that CIVC’s investment experience and cultural compatibility made them the ideal financial partner for us,” stated Dan Para and Mike Welch.   CIVC has been targeting the transportation and logistics sector for investment for several years.  The firm has spent a considerable amount of time studying the industry and developing a deep network of industry contacts. “We feel that the opportunity to partner with the senior management team of Magnate provides a rare and exciting opportunity to build a leading platform in the sector,” said John Compall, a Partner at CIVC.

With this announcement, MWW will be actively reaching out to business owners in the freight forwarding and North American expedited transportation markets to become part of the MWW platform.  The MWW executives and CIVC are excited to create a market-leading company that will provide clients with a comprehensive suite of solutions and unmatched customer service.

If you have an interest in better understanding MWW’s acquisition criteria and business plan, please visit www.magnateworldwide.com or contact Dan Para (dpara@magnateworldwide.com) or Mike Welch (mwelch@magnateworldwide.com).

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