16 Oct 20

Update: APAC Market

Trans-Pacific Ocean: 

  • - Expect most carriers to extend their September rates until the end of October
  • - Based on carrier feedback, capacity will remain tight as demand continues to increase - this is especially true for Gulf and East coast services
  • - Equipment imbalances are creating issues in India and South East Asia
  • - This week South China & Hong Kong saw a disruption due to the recent typhoon
  • - As a result, Yantian container terminal halted empty container pick up, which is expected to cause delays in sailing for the upcoming weeks
  • - Port congestion on the West Coast, including Canada, has resulted in schedule delays throughout the TransPac
  • - Demand for fast boat service is still extremely high, which has kept pricing on these services at an all time high
  • - We recommend booking at least 2-3 weeks in advance

Trans-Pacific Airfreight:

  • - Airfreight rates have increased due to the post-holiday rush
  • - Capacity issues and rate increases are expected to continue due to new product releases from large companies like Apple, Sony, and HP
  • - There is a similar trend in Southeast Asia with electronics and PPE
  • - Due to the decrease in international travel, US based airlines will continue limited services to and from Asia

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APAC Holidays

  • - Thailand: Public Holiday on October 23
  • - Hong Kong: Public Holiday on October 26
  • - Malaysia: Public Holiday on October 29
  • - Japan: Public Holiday on November 3
  • - Singapore and Malaysia: Public Holiday on November 14
  • - Japan: Public Holiday on November 23

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