Pharma & Life Sciences

Masterpiece converts Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences supply chains from high risk to low risk. Our networks are designed to comply with the required pharma, life sciences quality, and healthcare standards and regulations to manage compliant, secure supply chains. GDP & GMP validated processes and CEIV pharmaceutical handling procedures ensure speed to market and standardized process across the board.

Our Services Include

Supply Chain Consultation: From the earliest stages of R&D, all the way to consumer

End-to-End ‘Cold Chain’ Management: Compliance, Optimization, Flexibility, & Global Visibility with Cost-effective options

Packaging Solutions: Temperature-controlled packaging solutions

Temperature Control: World-class temperature controlled services throughout product journey

Just-in-Time: Temperature-controlled environments synchronized to just-in-time

Highly Specialized & Climate-controlled Storage Facilities

Centers of Excellence and Pharma Life Sciences Desk


How Do We Do It?

How we do it – Our specialized network manages substantial amounts of sensitive, high-value pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare equipment. With almost a decade of experience in the industry, our team will ensure your critical shipments are handled with the same care provided by the industry.

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