Update: Ocean and Air Freight

Though most TPEB carriers extended September rates until the end October, carriers are signalling that rates will increase next month. This will increase rate levels to a record high, driven by high demand and limited capacity...

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Update: APAC Market

Trans-Pacific Ocean: Expect most carriers to extend their September rates until the end of October. Based on carrier feedback, capacity will remain tight as demand continues to increase - this is especially true for Gulf and East coast services. Equipment imbalances are creating issues in India and South East Asia... Read more.

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Update: Global Tracking & EU Market

Location Tracking for High-Value Cargo: Optimize your supply chain and eliminate waste with real-time location tracking for critical goods. Handling Damage Monitoring: Monitor white glove and other sensitive goods for unplanned stops or improper handling in transit. Learn more...

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Magnate CARES

Magnate Worldwide is pleased to announce the development of its social responsibility program, Magnate CARES. We believe our company has an opportunity to help make the world a better place by operating sustainably, with consideration for all people, our planet, and by creating positive outcomes in the communities which we live and serve.

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Update: Made in China

How does the Hong Kong marking impact imported goods that are products of Hong Kong after the transition period? Every article of Hong Kong origin, or its container, imported into the Customs territory of the US shall now be marked ‘Made in China’. Goods that are not marked properly after the transition period may be brought into a Foreign Trade Zone to be properly marked under a permit to manipulate issued by the Port Director.

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